You forgot to wipe the shit off your nose, fool

Bye Felicia.

6 Quick Ways to Be More Inclusive in a Virtual Classroom

How do you create online or hybrid courses with an ethos of inclusion and equity embedded throughout?

Rob Fields: “Why I Still Love Magazines”

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Last night’s interview with AfroerotiK was FABULOUS!!!

Listen to my new episode Talking Erotics & Afrofuturism with AfroerotiK: Part Two at #BlogTalkRadio

At the Edge presents Part Two of my discussion with Scottie Lowe, also known as AfroerotiK, who will be discussing her new erotic videos and new collection of erotic short stories, as well as continuing our discussion on Black women, the erotic, spiritual communion, and self-empowerment.

For more information about Scottie Lowe and AfroerotiK, do check out her website
If you would like to contact her, she is on Twitter at and on Facebook at