From NEO•GRIOT Kalamu ya Salaam’s information blog: James Baldwin

HISTORY + VIDEO: James Baldwin on Baldwin’s Nigger – NEO•GRIOT.


Kalamu ya Salaam‘s information blog:

Filmed by Horace Ove‘ – British filmmaker, painter and writer and one of the leading black independent film-makers to emerge in Britain since the post-war period

James Baldwin and Dick Gregory talk about the Black Experience in America and relate it to that of the Caribbean in contemporary Great Britain. Filmed at the West Indian Student Centre of London.”

ESSAY: THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC – WordUp – kalamu’s words

ESSAY: THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC – WordUp – kalamu’s words. Read this essay and ask yourself this question: how often have you felt as if you’ve engaged in one long battle with a language that seems to alienate you from your own sense of self? Can we, as Tricky once rapped, “manage” or “create our own” with the Master’s language?