I use your insults against me as poetry

So yes, folk, I do get fan letters. I also get trolls. And then there’s spies who look at my social media for the purpose of running my name up and down hallways because they have nothing better to do, which is ironic, considering the fact that most of them get bigger paychecks than me. In fact one of them sent a nasty note to me via FB msgr whining about me being “sexually frustrated, anal retentive, and racist.” Someone, probably a man who really resents my voice on matters like consent and privilege, wrote this whiny set of accusations. I’m petty enough to use it in the next three poems in a short series called the accusations. Use it, said Blade to Whistler. Use it.



At the Edge-Dr. Anthea Butler: Religion, Politics, Gender 09/10 10 AM EST

At the Edge-Dr. Anthea Butler: Religion, Politics, Gender 09/10 by At the Edge An Afrofuturist Salon | Blog Talk Radio.

Don’t forget to catch our show tomorrow morning for a special interview with Dr. Anthea Butler who will be talking about religion, politics, and gender–as well as the 2012 National elections.  This will be a great show, so don’t miss it!

There IS a War on Women

Check it out, sisters and brothers, and don’t tune out what’s been thrown in our faces. Too much is at stake.

A Matter of Scale

Many have said the war on women doesn’t exist, that it’s a ploy by the left to demonize Republicans. But what have we seen since they took over the house and stormed state legislatures across the country in 2010?

We’ve seen no comprehensive jobs bills, no bills drafted to try to stabilize the economy or rein in the criminal excesses of Wall Street and the banking worlds; we’ve witnessed continued, unrelenting obstructionism…

And we’ve seen the passage of an unprecedented number of bills meant to limit women’s access to health care and abortion services, which, may I remind you, remains legal in the United States of America. By the end of 2011, 135 pieces of legislation had been passed out of 1100 introduced, and in 2012 alone over 30 new provisions or measures have already been enacted out of 944 bills introduced.

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Who am I? A photo study…

I am a real person, flesh and blood.  I’ve noticed a certain reluctance among some bloggers to share the reality of their existence as flesh and blood people, especially among women bloggers.  To hide one’s face and body in virtual space is a political strategy, and indeed, one that speaks to the erasure of the self as a means towards assimilation and acceptance among those who name themselves the hegemony.  I exist, period.  I am a woman of African descent, and as such, I am a part of the African Diaspora.  I am an Afrofuturist.

Two photo feeds between 2010 and 2012:

Twitpic/futuristhoughts & Twitpic/drturpin