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A Saturday Groove While I Work

I’ll be updating this songlist, but take a peek while I do some errands. I’ve got tracks 4-10 on repeat, especially 647.  I’ve got some new erotic poetry to post.  Soon.

Equity Must Include Faculty At UDC

Greetings workers of the world: today is a reminder that we tenured and tenure track faculty at UDC need to be paid a living wage. We have not gotten our COLAS updated since 2005, drastically reducing our retirement fund–especially faculty like me who already make an extremely low salary.IMG_6327

I will turn 52 in 30 minutes

I’m grateful to be celebrating my early 50s with smiles. I’m definitely going to Georgetown Cupcake tomorrow for my birthday cupcakes! Thank you for being loyal readers this year! Look for more posts and poetry!

with love,

Cherie Ann

lighted candles on cupcakes

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For the narcissist enraged at rejection, this is for you.

“Love is not ownership or possession. It is not vampiric or obsessive, either. Learn to let go.”

I wrote this in 2013.