sleeper emot

time has its own footprints


shimmered behind me

up and blinking
like a startled fairy
struck by sun rays
driven from shade
i turned
your palms slick and shiny
brushed against my wings


attached and breathing
in rhythm with you
every tear you withhold
i shed
such it is as one
like vines pulsing
i send you honey and prayer
healing and sweetness
may we both have
drinking the nectar
of love and life


watching the final show
or how much every single day
should be named the final show
set on repeat
except no one else remembers
much less the last year or decade
same results with ourselves
same results with our people
no matter how we claim a vision
we end up going back
to the final show
to the cliffhanger unanswered
to the new season that
repeats from season one
such is life in 2018
reality tv on infinite repeat

Watch the tide

This is the wane of the full moon
the time to toss to the sea
that which must be discarded
that which no longer serves you
that which no longer comforts you
she or he who is toxic to the spirit
now banished from sight
such is life
these are people you forget exist
revert to distant strangers
cast into the sea
burn the letters
wipe away all paths to you
burn the sage
salt down the steps
arise renewed
I am released.