Stuffed. Sated. Satisfied.

Warm and comfy in my home watching the snow–and so very glad I bought and froze a bunch of veggies this summer!



Dinner will be lit!

Just need to bake the chicken….cooking from scratch is not hard if you give yourself time to prep.


Snow days get me in a cooking mood

Sunday snow day menu:
Fresh Collards
Fresh Black Eyed Peas
Homemade Cornbread (fuck jiffy mix!)
Baked Chicken w/Onion Soup Sprinkles
Jasmine Rice
Homemade Lemonade

I had plenty of onions and peppers plus fatback for the greens and peas. I’m going straight up soul food today. Then I’m getting busy with my course stuff.


Tonight’s show with Kenji Jasper was fabulous!!!!

549630_10151183038847781_1008852425_nListen to my new episode Artists and Writers at Work: Interview with Kenji Jasper  at #BlogTalkRadio

Smarty Girl Salon-Irish Writers: Honor Molloy and Pat Schneider 09/14 8 PM EST

Smarty Girl Salon-Irish Writers: Honor Molloy-Pat Schneider 09/14 by At the Edge An Afrofuturist Salon | Blog Talk Radio.

This episode I return to my night-time format, as I interview author and performer Honor Molloy and her friend Patricia Schneider for what Honor has coined a “Smarty-Girl Salon,” where Honor, Patricia and I talk Black culture, Irish culture, social class, race, feminism, the autobiographical voice, and just about anything we please that will flesh out what it means to be a “smarty girl.”  This promises to be a provocative, high energy discussion, just what we need on a Friday night! Born in Dublin, Honor Molloy holds an MFA from Brown University and has received fellowships from the NEA, NYFA, and the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard, as well as a Pew Fellowship in the Arts.  Her autobiographical novel, Smarty Girl: Dublin Savage is available in paperback, Kindle, and in audiobook at Amazon.