a free-spirited Black woman speaks

anon asked: People love and accept free-spirited white women, but not women of other races. Why is this? What has been your experience?

Here’s 54 years of living as a free-spirited Black woman/femme, for better or for worse. Yes, I get dragged for it, but live long enough you won’t care. Just be concerned for and have empathy for others–not just yourself, but also not without yourself.

I also ask this question on occasion, but it’s not as if I don’t already know the answer. We already know why (we, as in Black women/femmes). I never married, had no children, and I have no regrets. Too many of my friends are now divorced or are about to be divorced.

Date, be consistent in monogamy/polyamory but don’t marry unless you just HAVE to marry. Pay your own bills, and make sure he they she pays his/her/their own bills without coming to you.

Changing your name to ‘first fan [ff]’

Fans annoy me, but as we are all depending on each other in 2021, you’ve become quite useful to me as a motivator and draw–so you are getting another name and acronym. I’ve got ideas and I’ve got plans set to steam and boil and bake for a year long feast.

Join me and complete your goals for the year by mid to late summer. I’m a business woman, and I’d like to get one of my monthly obligations paid for through digital content I produce/release on one of the digital platforms while conducting research, interviews, town halls, conference panels, or otherwise create content.

You contact me, we get to work. It’s that simple.