Dr. Mark Anthony Neal talks with Dr. Shana L. Redmond

Duke Franklin Humanities Institute 9.39K subscribers Who was the first Black movie icon? Many would argue in favor of the unparalleled and unmatched Paul Robeson. Known for his immense presence on the silver screen and his baritone singing voice, Robeson also shook up the status quo of his day as political activist for Civil Rights drawing praise and scrutiny on the world stage. Dr. Shana L. Redmond, Professor of Musicology and African American Studies at UCLA, sits with Prof. Mark Anthony Neal to discuss her latest publication, “Everything Man: The Form and Function of Paul Robeson,” published by @Duke University Press. You can purchase the book here: https://www.dukeupress.edu/everything… Learn more about Prof. Redmond’s works here: https://drshanaredmond.com/ Left of Black is a web series featuring interviews with Black Studies scholars created and hosted by James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of African and African American Studies Mark Anthony Neal and produced by the @Duke Franklin Humanities Institute. New SEASON 11 episode every Thursday! #LEFTofBLACK#JohnHopeFranklin#BlackStudies#season11#blackscholar Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) Additional footage & photography used in this episode were produced by the following: Andrea Hansen (Salve Regina University) https://www.newportri.com/article/201… Nell Irvin Painter https://bit.ly/372LS2Q Everett Spruill https://bit.ly/2LjKwrT Esteban del Valle https://bit.ly/37539bK The Paul Robeson Galleries http://paulrobesongalleries.expressne… The Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University https://robeson100.rutgers.edu/galler…


Cherie Ann Turpin Add a public comment…

How the corporate model is so toxic

“Many women said Joseph Epstein’s suggestion in The Wall Street Journal was blatantly sexist and underscored the way men often dismiss women’s credentials.”

UDC is packed with men (and women) who dismiss women with credentials, especially those of us who are part of Humanities. We are paid less, ignored, and ridiculed–especially those of us committed to social justice.


Mark has always been a true leader in academia across the board.

I miss seeing Black men in leadership who don’t bow to white supremacy, which is all I see lately in this town, especially UDC, home of the six-figure house servants.

Dear Stalker-Predator, it’s what you do or don’t do that counts, not what you say or don’t say for public consumption.

Your handsome, rugged looks don’t count either if you still support white supremacy under that toxic umbrella of black respectability politics currently destroying all of our institutions.

Pick a side, and burn your house servant uniform.

We need our Black men in academia who are asleep to wake up and prepare for that smoke coming our way.

Mark is woke–follow his example and wake the fuck up for a change.