fire now #30Days

you got me on repeat
part of the healing
healing needed now
because we bleed rivers
trigger spots inflamed
not my place to critique
myself or you on these wounds
as we are both on fire
running towards diesel
not my place to critique
you or myself on nerves exposed
as we are both sensualists
epicures of the erotic
wrapped in blankets of flames
caught up in the winds of distance
fed by cherry petals
carrying promises
whispers of sanguine nectar


epicures of the erotic

free spirited #30Days

53 years
free spirited Black woman
decades of shaming
decades of gaslighting
for it yes
live long enough
you won’t care
just be concerned for
and have empathy for
not just yourself
but also
not without yourself.


Dr. Cherie Ann Turpin aka
free spirited Black woman

Liberation Libation #30Days

3 am message
changing towards
truth in existence
pain in such freedom
we free ourselves
as we accept

eluding digital capture #30Days

never too old to be kinky
never too educated to orgasm
never too respectable to admit a need
pandemics tend to forbid
even vibrators don’t satisfy a taste for sperm
or an urge to connect flesh against flesh
communal ecstasy thus eluding digital capture

corona dream loop #30Days

chasing moonbeams at night
evading sunbeams at day
evading moonbeams at night
chasing sunbeams at day

digital wolf #30Days

no spouse
no children
no life outside quarantine
no life outside work
mad selfies
mad sharing
mad texting
privacy digitalized
offline is now sleep
peeks inside
my brain
now starved
of touch

Almost that time #30Days

May will be a mix of flash fiction and flash poetry via my #30Days  challenge.  Let me know if  you are down for it!

May 1, 2020 is the starting day.