Oops for May 2019

My 30 day writing stunt was a bust–grades, meetings, and health got in the way. So I will relaunch in June for 2019, and I will start off with a couple of podcasts, one of which will be focused on poetry coming from me and a guest who has a poetic voice not often heard or seen.  My tongue is still healing but it’s no longer as swollen, thank you very much. The bruise on my thigh is fading quickly.  No, not healing from bike riding issue–just gave away my bike–just a fainting spell from perimenopause.

Yeah…….ever kind of feel like this is the now, as in now is the time to get your best work out there, to do your best while you can still do it, while your mind, spirit, and body are still allowing you to say it do it be it in that moment or those moments? This is what 50-something feels like to me. Time to get those books floating in my head out of me, those brilliant crazy courses planned out and launched, dreams becoming reality. So I keep running into these essays about people losing it, getting it back, etc.etc., and I’m like, what the fuck am I waiting for?

So……some may say I skipped the motherhood part from maiden and went straight to crone, but I say I am a Mother in my classroom and to the collective. I could say that I am not quite ready to say I am crone for a couple of reasons, but then again, could it be that one can be maid, lover, mother, and crone in one space? Sometimes we occupy these roles as needed. Some of us didn’t become mothers for whatever reason–our magick remains potent, our poetry far reaching.

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Whew! Thank goodness it’s Friday June 1!

Well folk, this year’s May 30 day challenge is now officially at an end, but not my creative writing. As I am on a deadline for completing a chapter for an anthology on digital humanities plus doing grant workshops to prep for a larger grant on the same topic I will be taking a break for a couple of weeks.  Do read this month’s work—it will be part of a book. I will be back to expand on these works and with new short fiction this summer as I build my manuscript. Please do click on my PayPal button to support me and the build of my collection. And let me what you want more of. Tell your friends to come read my work too.

Thank you for being a very engaged and active audience!

Love, Cherie Ann Turpin aka Afrofuturism Scholar


Who is the “you” and “I” in my poetry?

So, if you happen to know me, you may be wondering if I’m talking about you, or someone close to me or you. The answer is no. Yes. Maybe. Maybe not. Who gives a fuck? I’m writing about human experience and what we endure while living on this planet. I do include my twisted imagination and twisted reality and twisted feelings. I’m pretty strange in my flesh n blood world, so if my writing makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, welcome to my world. I might write about you one day. Let the world beware, said Catherine Tramell.

The Month is almost up. Not sure I feel like doing this in June. Holla at me and tell me.

Oh, and I’ve been holding back a bit. Look for me to just get straight up weird these last days.

bully (part 2)#30days #30days2018

not much difference

(speaking for myself)

between having a gun in your face

while your boyfriend high on cocaine tells you to lie back down on the bed

and having someone strip you and your life work of meaning and value

in the name of efficiency and political vengeance

trapped is what you feel

shame is what you feel

silence is what you do

knowing that someone is going to tell you

stop talking and then it will stop

stop resisting and then it will stop

stop exposing and then it will stop

not much difference in

what this does to the brain or the soul

not much difference between

1986 and 2018

two different bullies

same build

same skinniness

same height

same habit of dodging questions

same creepiness

same tendency of needing another bully to reinforce

same cowardly habits

different weapons same motivation of fearing

loss of control

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bully (part 1) #30days #30days2018 by Cherie Ann Turpin

Again I say to you

bullying diminishes

bullying perpetuates

bullying destroys

yet you fail to see

how that word hearsay silences bullied

how hard it is for the bullied to find empathy

how hard it is for many of you to feel much beyond contempt for us

how your contempt centers on the bullied

how your love of power depends on misunderstanding

bullying as strength

when in fact it the bully who suffers from

weakness of heart

weakness of soul

inability to think and act independently

hiding behind a bigger bully


fear of the other

ignorance of the other

who then isolates and alienates to control

cutting off anyone who questions tyranny

cutting off anyone who questions greed

shutting down dissent

“stop talking”

“stop writing”

“stop questioning”

gaslighting then feigning concern

using more than fists to smash spirits

like smashing teeth and bone

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deflect #30days #30days2018 by Cherie Ann Turpin


you said you wanted to know

you wanted me to tell you about myself

i deflected and told you about my parents

that’s me hiding yes

you knew it too

delay before satisfaction

that’s a strategy too like when

i set the vibrator on low

i brought a question for you

i knew i would not ask

being all respectable and all

you wouldn’t have shared anyway as

you have some issues with sharing emotions

you certainly would not have told me about the last time

you had an orgasm or how often

you thought about me while

you stroked your cock

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my turn #30days #30days2018 by Cherie Ann Turpin


my terms

my turn

talk about it without the deflecting

pause on gaslighting me

pause on gaslighting to mansplain me as damaged

gaslight designed to dismiss me as damaged goods

as if women are “goods” for exchange

as if the damage itself makes me not believable or trustworthy

rape survivors do still like sex

on our terms

we are human beings

not sex dolls

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