Working on it… #30days

Last couple of days have been a bit interesting for me aka I needed to rest my brain a bit. I’ll make up for it, I promise. Today will be a bit more productive.

2012-07-13 12.53.09

Cherie Ann Turpin, Summer 2012



riptide dream

panic swell drag
roiling memories
buried under deep sea
now a swirling riptide
as I swim towards shore
grateful to not drown
as I am pulled closer
towards morning light

photography of body of water


tumbling into intimacy
touching souls between the lines
without bodies touching
took a minute to notice
how i got to this floor with you


feel me #30days

rush of you
like a wave
inside me
may drown me
like a bag full of marbles
hanging over the side of my bed
my neck is rubber
I bend my torso likewise
breath of victory moves within me
like a troubling storm swelling
you meet my rolling contractions
riding your fiery chariot
with relentless heat

eye of the storm image from outer space

trade off

how much

of ourselves

are we willing

to give up

to suppress

to silence

to ignore

for respectability

depending on

what the self is?



Subject of desire [retrofit]

what is desire
if denial of desire becomes in of itself
a desire?
for you/I cannot be acknowledged to exist as a desiring subject
and you think you may both drown
not enough time to think or project
not enough time to believe anything else but pleasure
not enough guilt to walk away
not enough mercy to know when clear becomes red
not enough control to hear the safe word
we both struggle to see
before the breaking of morning
when you/I know in these few seconds left
love is possible.

flower roses red roses bloom

ecstasy #30days

aurora blink capture
swift riding chariot
across fire ocean rush

2014-08-30 19.47.10