Guarding Emotional Wellness

Timely for us in so many ways, as I am recovering from physical health issues due to emotional health issues stemming from emotional overload and neglect–something very common these days in our community, unfortunately. The pandemic forced me to spend more time doing self-care and mindfulness.

Mother Yemaya’s Birthing Water

Size 8 or 10 — a goal right now.


I need to get away from these hurtful, hateful people next summer and I can’t do that if I don’t lose the weight that gets this pressure off my brain and skull because I can’t drive right now.

I want to drive.

I want to travel.

I want to meet new people, find a new lover/partner, find someplace nice to relax, write, make love, and just enjoy life.

I work in a toxic environment with toxic administrators and faculty

who enjoy hurting people for the fuck of it

who love draining energy from people

who enjoy gaining power through sadistic, cruel means

I need a vacation from this environment, preferably near salt water which means sea/ocean water–hot or cold water, snow or rain.

I need to clean my body, mind, and soul with Mother Yemaya’s Birthing Water in order to clean myself of the toxicity that is UDC and for that matter this whole fucked up racist, misogynistic, classist, colorist town called DC.

nine of swords (crowley)

almost got trapped
but got saved
by the whole of the law
by discernment of entombed verity
observations of the obvious
excruciations of the truth
how hustlers giving you dust
and liars taking your trust
mindfucking you
while calling you a whore
while lying to your face
while muting your voice in lace
haggish formation of recycled rebukes
trolling ensemble of bitch made brood
demons in an earnestly cacophonous furor
so mote it be on sight then
for there is no outside the truth

ancient antique armor armour

Fresh Tea on Me: pulling back the covers

and that involves pulling back the covers from all the wonderful goodies over the last 4-5 years i’ve shared with all of you, including photos, moments, words, poetry…..older stuff is now up along with newer stuff and updated stuff…..there’s some folk who may not understand what’s with all the activity, but there’s somebody lovelorn who’s been in need to jack off and i certainly don’t want to be labeled a cocktease…..after all, no matter how much work i put into my poetry or my fiction or my essays, i know there are men who come to my blog just to cum and that’s fascinating to me since dudes are always talking about me being a cold bitch but like to stare and walk around with visible hard-ons….2020 is one big group jack off session so grab some vaseline and a vibrator and get busy being human