Rob Fields: “Why I Still Love Magazines”

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You bring the bitch out in me, baby. Sexy as fuck.

Someone tried to get into my apt today. Everything in my crib is fucking weapon, so any asshole who thinks I’m stupid will end up in ER, but it won’t be me getting stitches. In any case, do enjoy one of my fav movies, Atomic Blonde, where Charlize Theron with her sexy legs kicks major KGB ass in Berlin.

I see you.

Free Research Access from @ProjectMUSE

Greg Britton @gmbritton

“To make remote instruction easier right now, @ProjectMUSE

is making access to all @JHUPress books and journals—and those of several other presses– free for the next few months. Students can access from home.”
“With many of us secluded and/or isolated, scholarly content is still within reach. Special thanks to our participating publishers for providing temporarily FREE content on the MUSE platform.”