I’m still here, gimme a hot min

So yeah, I’m on lock-down like the rest of you.

But that  does not mean you get shitty poetry/whinny posts from me.

I’m cooking up some nice, spicy words that can spin possibilities.

Dreams of what’s life like post self-distance.

So much I write about is about intimacy.

What can I do to bring you into my space, spiritually?

Stay tuned.

Stay safe and healthy.

Virtual Hug


Dr. Cherie Ann Turpin, 2/2020

Liberation of Love

A message to you at 3 am

Don’t let fear or social convention keep you from feeling or expressing love.

Now is the time for the truth.

We all face transitioning at some point in our existence, and as painful as it feels typing this, there is freedom in knowing that we free ourselves when we know, feel, express, and accept love.

I love you.


I believe him.

Lot of anger directed towards him for saying this, but 1) I believe him because 2) he’s finally telling us the truth and 3) we don’t pay attention to how stress and anxiety affects our physical health and our intimate relationships. I did the opposite–I shut down my emotional life and intimate relationships and ignored the pain–and I ended up having a grand mal seizure. He’s in a dead marriage that probably died when he and Hillary embarked on their dual political ambitions. Yes, I’m saying the majority of their marriage has been a political show. Wedding rings in such a space are props at best. He needed a therapist, not a college aged intern aka mistress. He’s clearly attempting to making amends, which suggests to me he’s in therapy and is at a stage when he can be truly honest–at least about that. I predict a divorce or legal separation is coming.

Pray for Bill, Monica, and Hillary.

Bill Clinton: Monica Lewinsky affair was to ‘manage my anxieties’


Advice for the oppressed/depressed

Folks, when you run into situations where you are literally talked over and not given enough space to finish a sentence, end the conversation immediately and keep it moving because a) they are not really interested in hearing what you have to say b) don’t really consider you as being reliable as a professional — or as an adult and c) already assume you to be problematic. Part of my healing is recognizing when some (even those you love and trust at times) view you as somehow flawed or a disappointment or just not “with it.” My mental health depends on me recognizing those moments that trigger anxiety or depression–or both. This is one of them. Learn to step away and decline to absorb other people’s issues.



Grace: for us, for you, for me

Assuming youthful looks
while remembering
you are/I am a child of God
your/my worth as a human being
on loving yourself/myself
as you/I love others
while remembering
Paradise is within.


Statera Fiducia

Gravitas, Pietas, Veritas, Severitas, Virtus, Dignitas

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