nine of swords (crowley)

almost got trapped
but got saved
by the whole of the law
by discernment of entombed verity
observations of the obvious
excruciations of the truth
how hustlers giving you dust
and liars taking your trust
mindfucking you
while calling you a whore
while lying to your face
while muting your voice in lace
haggish formation of recycled rebukes
trolling ensemble of bitch made brood
demons in an earnestly cacophonous furor
so mote it be on sight then
for there is no outside the truth

ancient antique armor armour


Praise and Thanks

With Respect and Acknowledgement to Elegua,

Thank You, Yemaya.

photo of sea


Trust and belief
realness and joy
a very rare thing to see
a genuine passion for humanity
caring enough to give to all
enough to at least try
enough to empathize
sharing that same joy
a grace-filled soul who smiles.

2016-06-25 20.12.02

For my fall course–an example of hyperlinking and reviewing

close up photo of camera lens

renewed refreshed heart, or riding mercury retrograde

old clothes and never worn shoes departed
wardrobe swept free and smudged down
lovely pause of mercury retrograde
releasing the past from the now
unfolding spilling dreams into freed space
and open arms

heart shaped red neon signage

rush hour flood, or heart storm

i know what
that feels like
moments of distress
in a rush hour crowd
that feels like
through mind storms
flooded by sorrow
voices in the wind
a need to be not seen
well meant but alien
well wishes but unknown
i know this
runs like
water in a creek.

blur cars dew drops

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