ecstasy #30days

aurora blink capture
swift riding chariot
across fire ocean rush

2014-08-30 19.47.10


lava shot #30days

fiery festive midnight
dragon drinking air as fuel
while watching the punch

active ash cloud ashes blaze


sticky tropical sun
boils in my mouth
a mid day squirt
of sweet cherry juice
coating my throat
like milk

food red sweet raw

edible me

rare favorability of movement
by hot convulsion and cloud high waves
till I see land
sending me from adrift to arrival

scenic view of ocean during sunset

…reposting old podcast favs for my fans searching my archives…

Yes, folk, I do check my stats, and it seems a few of you are thirsty for the old stuff on my podcast channel.  Don’t fret–here’s a shortcut:

For my listeners looking for old podcast favs!

The Brand is growing!  This summer will be busy with more posts, the launching of a new blog and podcast show, plus guest hosts and writers to really expand on afrofuturism work, as well as digital humanities work and creative writing.  Going to get really busy here, so stay tuned and please do continue to support this channel and the podcast channel –>$drcat

Cherie Ann Turpin

aubade #30days

anodic aurora approaching
celestial waves rising
dancing with the sun

2016-06-25 20.12.02