Follow up from last night’s show with Ronald Mason

Ron will definitely be back on my show. Meanwhile, check out his spoken word links:



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Check out my podcast 6/21 EST Thursday night at 8 and call in! My podcast series Culture Makers begins with Ronald Mason, who will be talking about his writing process, how he creates poetry and spoken word, and how he uses it to inspire and teach young folk to be creative and revolutionary in their own right.


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My podcast show will be coming back later this month. Expect a special guest at my launch, and expect lots of talk about the creative voice and culture making for the community/collective.  If I find the energy after doing my chapter work this weekend I’ll post a poem or a short short story. Topic for the story? You tell me. Ghosts, witches, vampires, or aliens? Or something closer to Earth, like love, or something weird like a ufo sighting? Give me a sign, people. I’m watching the night sky light up with a coming storm, thinking…..



almost halfway, readers! #30days #30days2018


Hope you are enjoying my May writing rush–I know I am. Some of these works actually sat for almost two decades before I brushed off the dust and reworked them to reflect my growth as a writer. I had a poet once tell me to write poetry and put it away for a few years before returning to it. I resented the advice at the time, but I think Marilyn Nelson was correct all along. Some of these works are brand new, but I’ll keep it to myself what’s new and what’s old. It’s all new, given the work I’ve done to all of the fiction and poetry. And if you are wondering if I’m going to put together a collection, the answer is yes. Not sure how to work the flash fiction in, but I’m open to trying new things. Not sure about the essays, but I’m open to suggestions. I think it’s long overdue for another book publication on my terms.

In any case, look for more work to show up between the 15th and the end of the month, with an intent to keep going long after the #30day rush. Please leave comments and, of course, leave a tip in my PayPal link.

Cherie Ann aka Afrofuturism Scholar

Ancient Melody

So strange the soft melody seeming
too soft for anyone else to hear
a strain so beautiful I wish I could share

Forward it rolls like tiny waves in a pool
that never quite reach the edge
an unending torture for cilia
pulsating ribbons reaching towards
a more solid stream yet gaining nothing
but whispering strands beyond my audible vision

A flute whispers in my ear
wrapping a lament around my head
it is an ode of ancient origin
in a tongue we no longer speak or hear
a language flickering to a rhythm best
resembling that inside my loins
the words with which I would gladly utter
an old conjure to sooth the glowing magma boiling
in a bottomless pool of menstrual blood.

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Magic Man

How you bespell me
Glamour me
Roll me
To give
To share
To not disappoint
To love and be loved
I am me
seeing you like a
glob of light


Love Ritual


the paths we walk are the ones
we created and walked before
heal your fear of me and speak
talk to me like one human being to another
we need not be alone in the midst of chaos
like walking towards the forest of the unknown
life is somewhat obtuse to the naked eye.
sensing edges of love bringing us closer to the source
eyes do not always see it at first glance
ears do not hear it with the first note
unmeasurable pangs leading us to eros

you have the tools to build the bridge
needed to reach across boundaries
defying constraints that isolate
and leave us bereft and stranded
walls once thick like bricks
now eggshells easily cracked
crushed with the weight of need
desire unrelenting and unbound spilling
opening your quickening heart
as my spirit pulls you closer
your flesh growing taut
like deep-bellied dew melon
feeling your breath on my neck in the dark
you are the warm mist curling up and around me
reaching to pull me closer
releasing that which binds your will
existing in the space of now

eyes unchained by agog balancing power
recognition of complicity in defining the real
sometimes the right questions can produce waves
crescendo changing the landscape
spark unfettered by the chains of agog
refusal to be consumed by sameness
seeking out the you who speaks
without fear or censorship
speaking of life in all its wet promise

meet my voice with yours
unafraid of an empowered woman
a man worth his salt does not fear a woman
with her own ability to speak for herself
looking into your eyes
unfettered by social convention
i see you and i speak
walk to me and speak in the now unafraid
meet me at the edge
between longing and fulfillment
remove the veil of silence
no longer swallowing your impulse
the answer is still and remains yes
without fear regret pause ambiguity conditions

we both standing with my back to the wall
your hand glistening like diamonds in the waning moon
ascending from its dive between my brown thighs
as if to seek comfort and confirmation
your hand once more returns
cannot unravel pleasure or pain boiling inside
an insatiable interiority
phallus unbound erect invoking the god
completing the rite we are the magnesium fire
our shared river spreading the flames
a temporal shift as you are favored
sate your obsession
show me your true face as you take me

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.