Stunning Graphic Novel Uncovers History Of Enslaved Women Who Fought Back

“Martínez’ innovative techniques are crucial to Wake‘s success. Hall doesn’t just want to tell the parts of the story that are eminently drawable — daring, desperate women attacking slavers in the streets or chiseling through chains in the holds of the death ships. Those stories are here, and they’re gripping, but they make up only half of Hall’s saga. The other half is her own struggle against the conspiracy of silence that’s shut these women out of history. “As far back as I can remember, I’ve been searching for women warriors,” Hall reflects in the opening pages. “Pickings were slim.” That’s partly because of who was keeping the records: governments seeking to “set policy, maximize profits and avoid costly revolts,” she notes. As a result, she “must read the documents against the grain” to tease out scant bits of evidence about enslaved women’s experiences — “assuming there are any documents to be found at all.”” —Etelka Lehoczky has written about books for The Atlantic, The Los Angeles Review of Books and The New York Times. She tweets at @EtelkaL.

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It was from, and because of the hard living conditions of slavery, the spiritual was born. The spiritual was the creation of the American slaves brought from Africa. Spirituals expressed the history, treatment, and thoughts of Black people in the United States.

The combined experiences of Africa and America served to produce the spirituals. They served the propose of religious expression to communication, often by code. They possessed a folk literature that was varied and rich. They had their native musical endowment to begin with, and the Spirituals possessed the fundamental characteristics of African Music, rhythmic qualities, form and intervallic structure.

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