a free-spirited Black woman speaks

Here’s 54 years of living as a free-spirited Black woman/femme, for better or for worse. Yes, I get dragged for it, but live long enough you won’t care. Just be concerned for and have empathy for others–not just yourself, but also not without yourself. I’m in love with myself and I want to marry myself, but since I don’t have a clone, I’ll have to settle for sharing pieces of myself with thee hope that I will somehow grow and spread like a virus. Lot of alien DNA potential I’ll just leave there. Happy New Year, indeed!

I lost 65 lbs last year to help heal my brain injury. Here’s my cashapp: $drcat You wanna show me love, send me some money for hand weights, a yoga mat, door equipment for pull/lift-ups to tone up, stripper pole. I literally became ill trying to be the strong, silent type but my body told me to free myself.

This page will change constantly. Expect me to be me.

The Podcast Is Coming!

Please wear a mask and pray.

Don’t marry unless you just HAVE to marry.

Pay your own bills–in short GET MONEY.

Let’s find endless ways to disrupt the hierarchy. Humanity is at stake.