No, I do not censor myself.

I do try to use good judgment and discretion, which is why you will not see photos of myself nude, or me engaging in cock-sucking or other sex acts, none of which I’ve been able to enjoy in over ten years due to depression, self-esteem issues, and working in a highly stressful, toxic environment that does not care about its employees’ mental or physical health (hence the current high work pace with no delays on our evaluations for instance).

I will do my best to be authentic.

If coming across a blog post about my lousy sex life or my love for deep throating guys is offensive, don’t torment yourself. If you don’t want to hear about how one of my old lovers helped me appreciate being ass-fucked during my undergrad years, absolutely don’t read me. And if you really don’t want to know how my old girlfriend and I both got finger fucked by the same chick, just delete me from your browser history.

I do try to be sensitive to my readers’ concerns, even while I discuss clitoral sensitivity and my vibrator.