my weight loss goals are about my organs

….in short, the amount of your gut protrudes tells you how much work your organs must endure to complete their tasks while surrounded by fat that is supposed to cushion them, not strangle them or impede their duties.

……it’s simple for me…..i continue my low impact exercise, my sane diet and routine, and continue to work towards minimizing my belly fat and bringing myself to normal weight range, which will take me another forty pounds to accomplish. 130 is the goal for me, for my frame and bone structure. It’s consistent with my Dad’s people, who were thin, short, fine-boned.. I get my height and ass from my maternal grandfather’s people, and my chest from both my grandmothers. My face is a perfect blend of family genetics, as are my eye color and shape.

I am my own protagonist in an epic series, a ronin-type of character, like the Blind Swordsman Zatoichi, perhaps……or Mutant not quite developed….or hidden.