again, not likely to happen at UDC

…..because using faculty like chess pieces and exploiting our labor is far more profitable, entertaining, and worthwhile to those who follow and support unbridled capitalism, austerity, and exploitation of labor borne by the marginalized on the lower ends of the hierarchical ladder.

These are areas of concern that tend to be dismissed and ignored — usually the fastest by those who purport to be our allies due to their own allegiances and dependencies on a system designed to use the marginalized and quietly dispose the evidence of this injustice.

In 2021, this praxis is baked in and normalized to such an extent that it is irreversible, which is probably why our campus is so toxic to anyone not aligned with the current personality cult running the show, so to speak.

You admins reading this know this to be our reality, and probably find my words amusing, as it reaffirms the effectiveness of bullying and intimidation in maximizing the exploitation of the weak and marginalized for maximum profit and absolute power.