Why HBCUs Matter SUNDAY⠀ JUNE 6 2021 | 4:00PM EST⠀

A Virtual Presidential Round Table on⠀
Why HBCUs Matter SUNDAY⠀
JUNE 6 2021 | 4:00PM EST⠀
A virtual panel discussion with six HBCU Presidents who will share their insights on the state of these historic institutions, their social relevance, and their growing impact in providing quality education for youth of color from around the world.⠀

Hosted by: Eric Roberson⠀
National Recording Artist, Cultural Curator, and HBCU Alumni⠀

Moderated by: Dr. Nardos King⠀
President of The DC Metro HBCU Alumni Association⠀

Live-streamed on Sunday, June 6, 2021 at 4:00pm from the Xfinity Store in Chinatown. Watch LIVE on Facebook and Youtube @DCMetroHBCUAlumniAlliance!⠀

RSVP TODAY – https://buff.ly/34jVkMQ #udcfirebirds #udc1851