“The Terribly Tiny God of MAGA Christians”

People deserve a God who is bigger than Franklin Graham’s and Mike Pence’s and Sarah Sanders’ and Jerry Falwell’s and the GOP’s God. Their God is small and terrified—and it suspiciously resembles them.
People deserve a God who so loves the world, not a God who thinks America First; whose creation begins without divides and borders and walls, because there is only a single, interdependent community.
People deserve a God who touched the leper and healed the sick and fed the starving and parted the seas and raised the dead—not a quivering idol who builds walls and drafts bathroom bills and launches social media crusades against migrant families.

People deserve a God who is neither white nor male nor cisgender-heterosexual, nor Republican—because any other God isn’t big enough to bear the title or merit any reverence.

Dr. Cherie Ann Turpin