still adjusting to my body

my legs and thighs, my arms, my whole sense of my self-ness, and it does matter that i don’t know how to be near people long-term (15 minutes?) without feeling anxious…..wasn’t an issue with Ollie when we went to brunch, but a room full of people?

I don’t know.

And I want to date people. ::sigh::

Maybe I should get a dog–a lap dog? A smart dog. Or a cat.

I do walk and shop, yeah.

I’m becoming a bit more introverted, i suppose…..or being less extroverted, which to be honest, has always been a survival tactic [closed mouths don’t get fed] which means what? i’ve developed another survival tactic that is just as effective and far healthier for me in the long term and reserving my energy for those moments when my voice is truly needed. Now is a good time to write and reflect on possible areas of research. Even in my personal moments, work pops up, work that matters. My writing, my courses, my ideas. No burn out there for sure. Moon in Capricorn? I’ve been a late night reader and writer since early childhood. I worked on my computer and phone talking to students while in ER beds after seizures…..