Had A Seizure Tuesday Night

I’m fine, sore and tired. Very glad to no longer be subjected to abuse by toxic folk. They wanted to turn our union into quanon like the current senate–now they have it to fuck up our working conditions.

Fuck off to UDC’s quanon faction.

I’m a single digit dress size at 54 without weight-loss surgery with big tits and ass and zero wrinkles, and I have my full vaccination–and I don’t have to don a wig or drive an expensive car to feel important–my work does that for me.

I have my pick of eligible people to court, date, and enjoy this summer–lot of us single Gen-X’s, Millenials, and Baby-Boomers are readjusting to social norms as we come back to normal activity this summer. My house is rearranged and readjusted, so time to get busy–I need a haircut and pedicure. My wardrobe is all size eight now. I am quiet cafe ready appropriate for the right person.

You knew this was coming.