Who is the “you” I speak to?

You, of course. You who keeps looking for something to prove I was referring to you. I talk to many people, spirits, entities, ancestors, and energies.

You the stranger, friend, enemy, fan, family, stalker-predator, authority figure, etc.

Who are you who keeps coming back to read my blog entries?

What drives you to think I would consider your presence here in my digital space, beyond your own obsession with me?

Why do you care enough to read what I have to say?

None of my exes spend time looking at my writing or photos, and since the last three men in my bed are alll well-adjusted in their respective lives and relationships–plus with me being completely celibate the last decade, I know you are someone who I’ve never fucked or kissed or made love to, someone who seeks intimacy without actually being intimate or sharing emotional intimacy.

You get nothing from me without communication and mutual consent. Sucks to be you if I already told you no.