stalkers and predators look for attention from prey

by checking every single blog entry that is labeled stalkers and predators because they/she/he are too ugly inside and out to just look in the mirror and see themselves/herself/himself and the demons living inside them/her/him….

yes, i am talking to you, and if this offends you, then you are a stalker and a predator….much of what i write is about my personal experiences over decades and some of what i write is about people from my past….

this month allowed me to confront some issues and some people i no longer talk to or contact but whose echoes and shadows still remain, such as the stalker who chased me throughout grad school…..his shadow showed up this month and i publicly rebuked it through my online writing…..

demons are dumb and people who stalk use demons to continue their work…..sometimes those spirits infest other dummies who already have issues…..

ignoring predatory folk without defending your personal space does not work.

I use my voice and allow the Holy Spirit to cancel out those assignments. If what I wrote angers you, pray that demonic energy out of you and free your soul from predatory patterns of behavior. Get delivered, sinner.