Just what was what we had or did?

It certainly was something emotional and spiritual, and it took me almost a year to recover from it. The pandemic’s isolation ended the gaslighting spell that fueled it and forced me to do some serious work on dismantling those influences and patterns in my emotional practices that kept me trapped in toxic relationships.

This was a process I used to assess ALL people in my life, from family and friends to co-workers and superiors. Somewhere you fit into this process, and it did not take me long to conclude that some mutual clarity, empathy, and respect for emotional needs and boundaries would have helped to prevent subsequent issues that emerged.

On the other hand, those issues emerging resulted in a far more immediate and detailed assessment that led me towards a far more radical approach that was not just timely but far more effective in my emotional healing and progress. There is no going backward–just forward-moving in more progressive, healthy patterns.

Any connection with you in the future must be aligned with such progress. Therefore, it would be new and, because it rejects patriarchal practices and expectations, a start from scratch beginning with communication.

Cherie Ann Turpin
Cherie Ann Turpin