Amazing how men react….

…..when we take control over our emotional health and stomp the shit out of attempts to turn us into pillows for their ego-inflated, self-centered heads (big and small).

More than one tried it with me this month, with one of them being publicly rebuked for being a dumbass in his stalker attempts (the answer is still no, asshole and you are still ugly inside and out), and another one looking to creep back in without actually asking me or at least talking to me like he’s still got his balls (the answer is be a grown man and ask me by using my cell phone number instead of seeking reassurances through my social media and blog).

My first priority is me, namely my health. I cannot feed selfish, self-centered people, especially men who either do not respect consent towards women or who drain women emotionally/gaslight women. Guy 1 is a predator, which means he’s got zero hope for a chance. Guy 2 is his own enemy–he could make progress if he acted like an adult instead of an overgrown child who can’t open his mouth and speak.

Patriarchy is a bitch. Especially when it comes from men in your own community.