Next time I will get more RSO just for making food batches

Like a quart of Rick Simpson Oil-infused cooking oil for sauces and baked items. I have massage oil for days from a pinky-fingertip amount of RSO. I’m making sandies from a slightly larger dose that will last a week. A $100 investment well spent and used without overdosing or wasting.

I haven’t even used very much, and it kicked ass–the combo of using my own blend for my muscles/joints and using my home-blend tincture reduced my pain and cleared my mind enough for me to produce and engage while maintaining control over my motions and emotions so as to keep me in healing and grace.

God/Goddess is Good. Thank you, Jesus Christ Our Lord. All things are possible through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

Even mood yesterday allowed me to engage in meetings, classes, student/faculty office hour meetings, a podcast w/an engineering chair, student, and alum for Women’s History Month for over an hour without a glitch, talk to my mom, and do committee work in a great mood–and sleep without a need for a nightlight or music. I woke up clear-minded with zero nicotine crave. Just achy from the rain last night–but after my meds, food, drink, and morning self-massage, I’m good. Time to get to work!