i understand my gear pref now

why all black/goth/why no bra or panties/why i don’t like hyperfem hair on me/why i like makeup but not earrings/why the clunky shoes/im femme and butch/i like fucking men as a femme/butch but not as a hetero-cis woman with all the baggage, like i look at a man like a femme-man/transgender man-woman at times/still working this out, folks/i get my hyperfem woman moments too but i need to be open as gender neutral/masculine woman/which is why i do the bralette thing because my breasts are still too big–porn breasts/why i love body suits-leggings-boots–miniskirts and leggings-camis–leather jackets-suit jackets-minidresses and boots or platform shoes or sandals