Most people after losing weight think about fashion, but I’m thinking about training 4 war

The fucking U.S. army refused to send help to the DC National Guard on January 6–them mothafuckas were waiting for that coup — we got a Proud Boy problem in our military–check out Washington Post. Most of the state police in MA refuse vaccination–a frightening ‘tell’ on how deep that Proud Boy love is–go check out Boston Globe.

My advice?

Don’t buy a gun and think you safe–you need to train yourself to defend your body and your family members. If you are able, drop some weight and if not, still acquire self-defense techniques.

Fuck guns. Guns get snatched and stolen–but you can weaponize your own body and crib.

Change your habits and organize an escape plan–esp if you live in DC. We all may need to get the fuck out of DC before Biden’s term is up–the GOP is a racist cult looking for an opening to kill us all. Defend your right to exist on this planet and just be ready.