Morning Prayers

God has no gender. She, He, or They got me through a very tough week. I did not get a Spring Break. I barely slept, and I am in constant pain that I am barely able to ignore.

That’s just on the surface–I am in full emotional/psychological crisis for multiple reasons and issues and no, I am not wealthy enough to just take a break or just take another job, so please stop asking me that–it triggers me. I can’t drive for a full year.

But I produced and met deadlines and my students got their midterm grades, and got to talk to healthy competent Dr. Turpin, so my job is safe and I can pay my rent, get my meds, and keep my insurance for my health. This is not uncommon–a lot of you are dealing with this shit just like me/we.

When God the Mother the Father the Parent wakes me up at 3/4 in the morning I have that heavy talk with Her/Him/Them and I listen–that’s when the Angels are about. That’s when I’m able to get the pain to ease off and get solutions to problems.

And that’s why I’m awake, not as fucked up as I was last week, thanks to Her/Him/Them–in the Name of Jesus Christ. I have a whole different understanding of the Holy Trinity this morning.

Good morning, yall.

Time to crack open some Psalms and the Gospel and get moving. Yes, my gender is fluid, and I am made in Her/His/Their Image, as I am a child of God/Goddess/Supreme Being, and yes I am saved. I survived one week of seriously considering ending my existence on this planet–and to be honest most of this semester.

I am here to do God’s Work, and I can’t do that if I let roadblocks keep me from seeing the Blessings that are coming and the Gifts provided for me to complete Her Will. Please understand that I am awake in joy and gratitude for waking up and ready to rock and resist and disrupt the isms keeping our people –as in the collective of humanity–from living in joy and peace.

Let’s join forces and be about spreading love, healing, and joy. We fight for each other by loving each other and accepting each other. Good morning, I love you.