IIH did not go away–it’s improving but causing other issues

You all have seen my brain go a bit wild with the other PTSD-rape survival related issues as a result of the dramatic weight loss–the photos don’t do justice as I don’t recognize myself quite yet–but get this:

my back, neck, and shoulder pain is a big indication that IIH is still wreaking havoc in my health life, and it’s amazing I’m working full time no stoppage despite my pain issues–and the CBD and THC are not keeping up with the physical pain. I don’t dare risk going higher than my heart can tolerate, because too much THC will send your BP into a heart rate crisis–fuck that. I’ll try magic mushrooms, but I need physical therapy. Yoga.

Now I’m putting impacted ear wax removal kits in my Amazon cart for payday, because I have an inner ear issue caused by hard wax and cranial pressure, plus allergies.

I really need an ENT MD to do a flush and inner-ear exam, but for now during a pandemic, I’m doing over-the-counter low-invasive measures to avoid further problems and ear drum damage. If it fails, I’m having my Primary doc do a referral–not bothering w/him.

Fuck. I still need a speculum up my quim too–just an under-the-hood check, since I’ve not used it in over a decade, and my hormones are way over the top out of control. My blood says I’m clean as a whistle, STD/STI-wise, but that’s not telling me my hormone status, or telling me if I need to consider hormones for menopause, etc.

Weight loss is just one part of regaining good health, and not only am I busy repairing the damage from 30 years plus of obesity on and off (I’ve had moments of not being obese), I’m also dealing with emerging health issues and neglected health issues. So glad I didn’t have kids, because I’d be all fucked up right now.