the issues have emerged

I am still trying to process what seems to be a moment of anxiety about my weight loss and adjusting to my health care and needs and what seems to be sexuality related mental issues triggering anxiety and seizures
In other words the issues have emerged

Imagine waking up after spending your whole adulthood as a fat woman and waking up to discover you are not just healthy but with an athletic body and almost no excess fat ie a thin woman who can wear a suit and not look fat
I thought I was going to go into organ failure
Because I thought I was malnourished
I work almost 24 hours a day and I don’t talk to anyone face to face most days
I have no idea what I look like At my height I am normal weight and I have never been normal weight long enough to know how it feels
I was 235 in June I am now 190
When I was 18 I was raped in college
My body used weight to protect me
Losing the weight triggered the anxiety attacks and seizures because I had no fat shield and so that’s why I write what I write and why I am a feminist
Sexism and racism triggered this issue and it is rampant on our campus
I have a lot of work I can do to help us dismantle it and support women at udc
My next book will have this as a focus as it did in the first one