told ya i was getting close to my goal…..

ain’t gone lie–I feel like getting out there and showing off–my clothes look like they make sense now, and i feel sexy, sexier than in years…..i’m ready to meet some cool chicks and dudes….i’m know i’m not the only single person out there who’s not a total dweeb….the vaccine’s going to reach me eventually….the wig’s going to fucking freak out…..i don’t have gout and i have a hot bod–big tits but NO gut and a nice ass and a real waist that needs ZERO girdle….bitch when i quit smoking and i’m close you will choke on your own bile…….eat more blueberries and dried fruit and less fried shit bitch…..and yes i am going to get more than one tattoo before this year is out to match my blue hair dye…..goth to the end, bitches!