My response to President Mason

In any case, glad to see you finally woke. We need you in the game. Don’t be afraid to consider several campus-wide grants that carry different aspects of completing the equity imperative goals. I’m sure you are more than familiar with Black Feminism and Intersectionality, as well as what can happen to an HBCU like ours that ignores or subsumes gender, class, sexuality while supposedly addressing racial disparities in a city notorious for its cruelty towards poor dark-skinned people, especially those who are women, femme, differently-abled, and outside economic consideration by the gentrifiers currently transforming our university into a space for the Black and White upper-class. White supremacy is a sickness, yes, but it comes in many names and forms. One of them is the corporate culture you all love so much without questioning its origins or products or purposes–or damages to our people, namely our communities and families, especially women-headed households. Another is that of the death squads and slave camps we still refer to as police and prisons. As a rape survivor (several times in my current life-time as a middle-class Black woman), I do not consider the justice system as a reliable source of comfort or protection from sexual predators, as most who prey on Black and Brown women and girls are never held to account, especially if they are figures of authority. American police make it a point of demonstrating to us so-called citizens that our status as citizens is questionable at best, so no, we don’t call the police–hope that’s no longer shocking to you. As I said, we need you, Black man, in the game, because right now, fifty years ago, hundred years ago, Black women and girls could not look to our leaders for help or support. If this comment actually survives the day or week I will consider this progress. I don’t expect a response from your hand, of course.

You don’t take risks, Mr. triple Capricorn. Nice of you to provide a space to discuss this issue, though you’ve burned out free voices on our campus with that narcissist posing as a CAO and those deans who follow him. No one’s going to take the risk of pissing off the VIPs during evaluation time. You will get nice official responses from folk eager for grant money who don’t give a fuck about the issues o passion in your soul for social justice. No one honest, naw. You know this shit by now, my man. That’s why you in the corner of Youtube feeling a little masculine there. I am surrounded by male and female predators in my non-VIP world, some of whom are white supremacists and worshippers of white supremacists who enjoy watching me decline with these seizures (last Wednesday at the latest).

Where are you? I don’t give a fuck, so I call it as I see it. Why don’t I give a fuck? Because white men can come to UDC and steal from women of color and move up the food chain to reaffirm white male supremacy while locking in the certainty that I remain the lowest paid Associate Professor on campus despite literally working myself into illness unless I join the trumpians and sell myself like the whore I’ve been accused of being. I’d rather fight.
if you want that grant to be effective, do something about those Trumpians populating your administration including your GC. My mother told me to write down what was sitting on my heart–that came from the Holy Spirit. Of course, your name was there–the anger, the hurt, the betrayal, the abandonment, the alienation, and most of all the silence, which is so very typical of what we get from the men who expect and demand respect –and in the case of your CAO and some of your deans, worship–which I find amusing for someone like me who has practiced ZERO witchcraft outside of Tarot in the last few years out of respect for the process. Why does that matter? Ask the current owner of that house I lived in while writing my dissertation at UConn who cleaned it or the next resident after I moved, whether he’d rent to a solitary witch again. No regrets on that, as white supremacy is a form of witchcraft, spiritual warfare cloaked in political chicanery. You fight powers and principalities. The university is literally sitting on a ley line. Get busy, soldier.

President Ronald Francis Mason, Jr., Juneteenth 2020