you see them mean mofos you work with or work for w/bad attitudes?

Ain’t you glad you don’t live with them? Like that nasty, evil wig from last week, or these admins driving faculty into the dirt just because they can over an evaluation folder. Maybe she believes she’s about to be converted to an admin if she’s mean enough. Male dominated environments tend to encourage viciousness and cruelty as assets, especially in trumpian/totalitarian environments like this one. I’m not sure which dick is driving this train of fools, but they both lux in and take credit for our labor while enjoying those six figure checks from our tax dollars.

Guess that makes us everyday folk punching bags for bullies roaming the virtual yard for targets, these bullies who have yet to figure out how to use their energy for the benefit of the community without tacking on something vicious because they are not here for the collective–just for themselves. Be glad you don’t live with such demon-infused people like that, and pray for their souls.