online chat about sex tonight

“I have [whatever health issue] and because of that I have lost certain abilities. What are women’s opinions on being with a man who uses a strap on for fucking?”

Doesn’t have to be a strap-on, but it can be, sure. I think it depends on the moment, the scene, or the intent. It’s a fair question worth discussing. I had a wonderful one night stand with a man long time ago who fucked me with his hands. It was beautiful, and we cuddled afterward. I can only speak for myself as a bisexual woman, but strap-ons, vibrators, dildos, hands, and fingers are all wonderful ways to be penetrated and fucked into ecstasy. A man doing this to me is no less beautiful than a woman, and as an older woman who loves older men and women, I assume my sex life to be inclusive and enthusiastic about engaging in some hot sex that is certainly inclusive of vaginas and penises but not at the exclusion of other paths towards orgasm. I take BP pills and other meds, so health issues do tend to challenge our sex lives. I would hope more women (and men ) would be accommodating the way I am, but given our culture’s rules on heterosexual men and how that excludes men with health issues, I can understand why you are asking this question.

I hope I helped advance the discussion. Great prompt!