oh y’all get down like dat in NO?

Y’all kinky and nasty as fuck! and no mask on top of it, get the fuck outta here! The COGIC folk and the Catholic folk down there are freaky deeky low down durrrttty mofos with these sex scandals–but they the first ones talking about being holy and pure, pro-life, anti-gay, anti-birth control, anti-divorce, man-in-charge…….match up the unwed births, stds, domestic abuse, poverty, and general misery with states run by religious conservatives–Louisiana’s got a double shot of that between the hardcore conservative Protestant churches and the Roman Catholic Church. I’m BDSM, but I’m also Pagan/Christian, and this goes against universal spiritual principles that call for respect of spiritual spaces, something White Christians do not honor and historically have not honored. A sex dungeon is a sacred space–that would have been far more appropriate and safer. But this man wanted to be caught, and he so he chose to desecrate a sacred space. Jail is not a solution, in my opinion–therapy makes better sense, plus it’s obvious there’s an emptiness that drew this energy there. Sad, in a way, but fascinating.