taking down a fake fucker on a dating site

“Just so you know, you would have won the game had you been bold enough to show up like a real man. You still don’t get it–I want reality, not online fantasy. This is a platform to meet people for real-life encounters, not this bullshit. If you are from France that’s not possible. Duh. You really did play yourself with that fake profile. I rejected you for lying to me about who you are. Liars carry STDs, and I don’t have any–and won’t be catching any by dealing with fake dudes. Whoever you are, you need to work on your social skills and learn how to talk to women like you are an adult male. Your whole op-sec is dead in the water because of your refusal to engage in honest, real conversation. I’ve been to France and other parts of Europe. You are fake. Period. The con game is up. That’s all I have to say to you.”