I know you mad but bitch you asked for it

Lazy motherfucker. Doxxing yourself trolling me with your real middle name.

Do something different than being Massa’s bitch.

I am tired of house slaves calling themselves teaching us how to suck white massa’s dick as a solution to racism, classism, and sexism.

You can take that shit back down to Quanon country.

Oh, you ain’t no house slave? Okay, bitch.

Prove it. Right now, I see shucking and jiving down the street.

You tired of me calling you a bitch?

Well, you know I don’t dox. And I call it the way I see it, bitch. You too busy jacking off to notice that you doxxed yourself using your real middle name. I am being kind and loving by refusing to expose you so that you can go get some mental health assistance for your obsession with stalking me on my social media profiles–especially my dating profile on that other website. You really have no business doing that at this point.

You keep acting like a bitch, and you clearly have bitch-ass ways.

You clearly cannot handle advice or criticism. In other words a bitch.

A sell-out bitch, at that.