dear stalker-predator, this is why I call you a misogynist

From “Shut Up and Smile! Misogyny and the Feminine Ideal” by Dr. Berit Brogaard, D.M.Sci., Ph.D.,: “Misogyny is hate or contempt for women who don’t act in accordance with the misogynists’ patriarchal beliefs about how women should think and behave.

Misogyny of this kind does not target women who conform to the patriarchal principles misogynists abide by. This is why misogynists, when confronted, will say things like, “I don’t hate women. I love my mom and my sister. They do everything for me.” When they say this, they are speaking the truth. They don’t hate women who conform to the patriarchal dogmas they stand by. But the “I don’t hate all women” defense misfires, because misogynists need not, and usually don’t, hate all women.

Misogynists don’t hate the women who live up to their ideal of how women should be. They don’t hate women who believe or behave like they are inferior to men in ingenuity, intelligence, and integrity or who live to serve men, because this class of women occupies the social role they were destined to occupy, in the eyes of the misogynist.

Misogynistic hatred is reserved for women with power and status, women who stand up for themselves and make their own decisions, or who object to the patriarchy.”

Read the rest and ask yourself why you made it a point to pursue me, why you kept insisting on my presence, even as it quite clear you really don’tt like feminism, especially Black feminism, because it challenges your dependency on male dominance and it gets in the way of you taking what you want when you want it.

I knew you were a misogynist early on.

And I do love you.

When you are ready to come to the 21st century, I’m here to help you.