would you like me better if i were a not a woman?

most heterosexual men who are misogynists do prefer women they want to fuck to not be women……as if our vaginas are a source of rage and frustration…..

….particularly women like me who make it a point of reminding you of your fear of rejection by a woman like me who can see that you really don’t like it when women like me remind you that the only person can control is yourself, that we exercise our right to say yes, no, maybe, with conditions, whatever when it comes to our bodies and that you do not have the right to demand a motherfucking thing from me or any other human being on this planet.

You have to ask me for consent and you have to accept my yes or no or whatever regardless of how my response makes you feel if you want to spend any amount of time with me, period….i know that irritates you but you chose to be obsessed with me the Black feminist, so work within my boundaries, or stay pissy with that dry-ass bitch you can’t talk to and keep stalking me feeling left out because I found somebody who didn’t allow Black respectability politics, misogyny, and proximity to whiteness to kill their love or sex life….

….never seen so many Black men so eager to sell their manhood by trashing their own women in order to be whitened…..that is the price for your membership I suppose, a price you seem eager to pay……

…..must not very popular come reunion time, are ya?

……stay frustrated and depressed and pissy on your end of town watching me get on with the joy of life–my health will continue to improve, I am NOT regaining the weight, I will continue to improve with my publications, podcasts, blogs, and at some point this spring or summer the man, woman, person or couple (remember I am poly, so you missed out on that too being snooty, bourgeois, and generally just mean-spirited due to your misogynistic ways. Hope it was worth it, sttalker-predator, bitch-ass, lying, wanna-be massa, bitch-ass-nigga.