Thing is, that’s not likely to improve if you destroy HBCUs, is it?

Which is why UDC is in a bit of a pickle right now, i.e., there are those who are actively attempting to destroy HBCUs, especially those that serve poor Black people–or “gentrify” HBCUs like UDC, where Black students and Black faculty are the minority, where poor people are the minority, and they are discouraged from staying, thereby defeating the purpose of the university.

Somewhere between the chairs and the CAO there is an active campaign to gentrify UDC.

Is there an outside interest funding this MAGA/Trumpian venture. Probably.

Smells like the same elements that brought us Sessoms and Grae Baxter.

Take a moment to study intersectionality and specifically the history of classism and racism within our own communities and institutions.