smash or mug contest going on

Lipstick Alley shit.

Dude’s got a dick longer and thicker than my forearm, skinny as hell, got that fresh from lockup feel going on…..

….so somebody asked us would you let him smash you or mug you……such extremes there….why not smash or sing together? Smash or go golfing? Fresh out of lockup you might want to go play a sport, read a poem, ride a motorcycle, visit a cat petting clinic…..why mugging, though?

I mean, I might slip you some bus fare just for a good backrub, so ain’t no telling what I might consider with a proper three-hole session (gotta have clean papers though–I didn’t stay clear of stds being stupid)…..but again, I’m just fucking with y’all, cause I know most of you don’t suck dick, don’t take dick up the ass like I do enthusiastically, and don’t let women finger you or fist you.

I do. I have–it’s just I’ve been celibate for over ten years, and I live and work in a far too conservative environment that is quite unfriendly for those of us who are more progressive, sexually. New England allowed me to be fully human, even with the racism I encountered there because the right-wing is kept from poisoning the land. One good reason to NOT live in the bible belt.

I consider it my patriotic duty to troll you sensitive fucks who can’t imagine talking about your hairy parts the way I do knowing at some point we will lock eyes. You are human. You piss and shit.

You might think of me while you run your vibrator or stroke your cock if you two don’t fuck anymore.

Or you might be in a threesome tonight, and my words float into the room…….sex is for everybody, not just for young folk or the beautiful folk.

My short story Queen of Heaven, while magickal, is based on reality.

I was about a size 22/24 with my Irish lover/Master (BDSM, folks, relax) and we joined by his ex for that lovely sex party hosted at Queen of Heaven.

How is it I had a better sex life in grad school and my early years at UDC fat and happy with blonde dreds, prairie skirts and flip-flops?

2021: normal weight, short hair, alone, celibate, worker-bee, spending most of my waking hours working in silence, no joy, no passion, no purpose but work for work’s sake.

I like my current body.

I just don’t get to enjoy it very much, beyond the convenience of clothes fitting properly now. My sense is that it was probably a mistake moving back here and staying at a university so committed to driving away Black people, or at least Black people who like their own people. The classism here is designed to alienate poor people. The sexism and racism here is designed to cripple gender and cultural studies, especially in humanities.

January 6 is what you produce with such toxicity in concentrated volume. There are people I work with who actively seek to turn up that volume because they support totalitarianism, plain and simple, and they support white male supremacy because they believe proximity to whiteness will line their pockets.

MAGA at UDC, in other words.

It’s why the leadership in the Faculty Senate is supporting the dismantling of shared governance, why we had ZERO programming for MLK, for the many misses when it came to our VP Harris, our First Lady the English PhD, our youngest poet ever to hit the national stage who is a Black woman, our first Latino Senator out of CA–get the point? If you have MAGA people tearing up the WH, Capitol, and democracy, what do you think they’re doing to poor, wounded UDC?

911 on that.