my sweet, sweet boys giving me laughs

i need a bit of humor after today’s depressing energy–a very big exception being the Diversity Committee and what looks to be an exciting set of activities this year–dealing with some folk–my people, my people (Zora Neale Hurston) who seem to be caught up in toxic American conservatism, so much so that they can’t even speak up to help themselves because they think a psychopathic bully will protect them.

Guess they didn’t see what swiftness that orange blowhard with the bad toupee had while dumping his supporters to save his ass before departing–that’s what loud-mouth schnook bullies do –haul ass and leave you with the bill.

anyway i need some laughter and since i feel like sharing my fav comedyy duo —

I have practical reasons for sharing (work of course) but for now, here’s something not political or academic or traumatic. Might share some other entertainment later.