It’s morning in America, President Mason, but UDC needs to feel like it’s part of it.

I’ve seen this before. Most of you reading this have as well: a household or workplace in chaos because of bullies. In this case, we have bullies who are inspired to as much damage as possible to produce a particular effect: destroy academic freedom, diversity, and shared governance, enemies of totalitarianism and fascism.

Your absence on January 4 told me everything I needed to know: you are indifferent or strangely unaware of the ways in which your CAO “rules” and “barks” over people. Me having a grand mal seizure live in front of the entire university faculty, staff, and administration was apparently entertainment and not of concern as to what was said or how it was said. Perhaps you’d have a slight concern if you had a brief chat with my neurologist, as she’s got plenty to say about the ways in which your guy is not just toxic, but spreading it via his current methodology. That’s why we are losing students–the toxicity that is never addressed but ignored. Potter’s already weaponized it because he does not see it as a problem, which what I expect from a mindset that is so thoroughly self-centered that other human beings are secondary.

Not exactly a healthy environment for recruiting students or faculty who aren’t psychopaths themselves, is it? And how is it that same administrator who is super-eager to see how many faculty and programs get cut, evaluated, RIFFED, etc., is strangely silent when it comes to those deans, chairs, vps, directors NEVER being evaluated, some of them never having published or rarely conferencing (at least my chair publishes) or teach–yes, teach. Demanding bricks without supplying straw or water (Exodus, yes)–which one of you thought it would be wise to demand more and more from faculty and students during a pandemic and during a mini-race-war we call the MAGA years? You bring two or more MAGA supporters to that third floor and expect people to come back to UDC? For what?

Is that a norm in the deep south, treating people like shit and then expecting them to come back with open arms? Some kind of plantation mentality thing?

From my seizure it would seem to be a losing strategy, as in the plantation hierarchy isn’t helping improve things, and holding onto white male supremacy as your campus model of admin leadership has resulted in varying levels of trumpian chaos in almost every school/college at UDC.

Are you trying to transform us into Trump University, where women of color get treated like shit and bullying/lying/cheating are assets and skills to be encouraged and evil itself gets rewarded with bonuses and promotions to supervisory posts?

Is this something encouraged, ignored, celebrated by Mendelsohn as well? Makes me wonder.

As of today, January 21, 2021, UDC is a breeding ground for the isms that bullies love to use when plying their trade as predators of human beings. Little wonder then, that the leadership of UDC would fuck up grand opportunities to increase enrollment in order to better reflect their commitment to white male supremacy and encouraging the growth of elitism and corporate fascism in the mid-Atlantic region. In order to do that, these items were accomplished:

  1. No MLK program
  2. No program for our first English Professor as a First Lady
  3. No program for our first Black and Asian WOMAN VP
  4. No program for Amanda Gorman, the youngest poet in recent memory to deliver a poem at a presidential inauguration, who happens to be Black

My sense is that February and March will be equally absent and silent of activities related to Black and Brown communities, Women and Girls, and anything else that is not centered on white male supremacy at UDC. Is that accidental or deliberate, considering the absence of courses, studies, and programs that focus on people of color, gender, sexuality, diversity in culture, or anything having to do humanity beyond profit.

Your academic leadership is thus reflected as overwhelmingly white, male, heterosexual, able-bodied, and upper-class. Why would people of color come to an institution that demeans them for existing? Your administrators reinforce that message every single day through microaggressions, macroaggressions, punitive policies, and just general attitudes of assholery.

Where are you in this mess, and what the fuck happened where someone you hired gets to run over every single person to fulfill a vision that seems to be quite absent of real human beings?

I don’t think I’m being unfair in my questioning here. Perhaps crass, but as I heal my body from that last seizure, I don’t think I’m being crass enough or explicit or detailed enough in my assessment of your third floor people issues.

I’ll be even more crass in my end here:

your dude is fucking up and making you look bad. Put your daddy pants back on and go downstairs to have a chat with junior before he blows up the back yard. Feel me? Please don’t make me get more crass than that yellowish undershirt image that this whole issue generates, as in this makes your whole third floor look really dull, intellectually. I’m being nice here, so that’s about it on that.

Fix it.