Fascism and Elitism in the Black Upper Class. REPOST for UDC President Mason.

Opinion | “America has an authoritarian voter problem”
“We need to face the fact that our democracy faces deep-seated problems.” — by Brian Klass

I posted the above piece yesterday on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Facebook discussions sometimes help inspire me to go further–especially when family and friends join in with their own opinions and perspectives:

[family member’s name redacted–Facebook discussion]
No, it’s a white man’s fear of POC and a few POC who hate their color.

Cherie Ann Turpin—-Facebook discussion response I gave [greatly edited and expanded for this blog entry here]:

It’s not just skin color here, and your race does not cleanse you of fascist thinking.

The Washington Post’s Editor-in-Chief should have been a bit clearer here in titling this piece–it’s not just authoritarianism here; it’s fascism.

I understand how you got to what you said.

People from a variety of racial/ethnic backgrounds who are, yes, majority-white support Trump’s attempts to become a dictator and support the GOP’s attempts to convert us into a single political party government. However, the glue holding them together is not just racism but also classism and misogyny combined.

This is precisely what Black feminism addresses, going all the way back to Barbara Smith and Audre Lorde back in the 70s when they both warned folk in Black and white communities.

I’m watching that same fascism fueled by racism, misogyny, and classism run UDC and the people of DC into the ground.

It was here before Trump before the GOP did their damage these last four years.

In other words, the Democrats who run DC think and behave like Trump because this really is a one-party town, and UDC is one big playground for politicians to play political chess games with peoples’ lives for their entertainment, which is what elitists who despise poor people do to maintain the very unjust, unfair system that keeps poor people poor and oppressed.

Why is it so hard for prominent Black people to see and acknowledge classism, elitism, and colorism even while reluctantly seeing and acknowledging sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and racism?

Well, for the most part with a few exceptions, prominent Black people are classist, elitist, and colorist. Wealth and privilege tend to do that, and we who are Black are not perfect. We are capable of being selfish, self-centered, greedy, vengeful, bitter, angry, and fearful, just like every other human being on this planet.

It’s called sin.

Praying it away won’t help if you keep using it while ignoring the people you harm while you consume and benefit from the harm you have inflicted.

Those same prominent Black people used and still use what Audre Lorde once mentioned as the ‘Master’s Tools,’ where those feared fascist leather boots are used to get to the so-called top by climbing on the backs and necks of the oppressed masses of poor Black and Brown people to arrive at the top as token examples of excellence and accountability with a certain efficiency and pride expected of most narcissists and psychopaths/sociopaths who exploit and torment the oppressed without expectation or fear of legal repercussions or social isolation.

Capitalism with few to downright zero controls for the last few decades fuels this sociopolitical hate fest among our own people, and unfortunately, almost all of our places of safety, growth, and healing (churches, schools, colleges/universities, hospitals, family gatherings) are, have been, and will continue to be sites of toxicity because we keep ignoring what’s in our faces out of fear, obligation, tradition, or just blindness to the obvious.

These so-called figures of authority model themselves after white supremacists out of admiration, greed, and self-hate.

Fascism has no room for real love or empathy–only hollowness of pretense and performance.